Each member of Matamua’s team is specialized in a different field, virtuously bringing together psychology, writing, design and creativity to make the creation of this little fairy-tale idea possible.

We are Martina, Bea, Raquel and Álvaro. Let’s start telling you – step by step – how «Once upon a now» came to life.

Today, let’s meet Martina!

I am often asked by parents which the best moment to talk about this subject with their children would be, as well as how to handle it together. The idea of telling a fairy tale starts from here.

Martina Mele

My name is Martina Mele, I am a psychologist specialized in therapy for people that choose assisted reproduction, offering psychological support before, during and after this journey.

I work for Ginemed, a fertility clinic in Seville. I take care of the admission of international – mainly Italian – patients; during their journey, I aim at being a reference point for them.

When I imagined «Once upon a now» for the first time, I thought of all those families I met over the years, of their strength, hopes and…concerns. Helping them live an emotionally trying experience in a positive way was the push that started this project.

«Once upon a now» begins here, with the intent of telling everyone in a correct, simple and efficient way something that seems impossible at times.

Where I started from

Assisted reproduction is a topic that is more and more talked about and that affects an increasingly bigger number of people. However, it still represents a difficult subject to deal with in many countries.

There are different reasons for this being. It has something to do with infertility, as well as with the fear that such a revelation could compromise the parent-child relationship. Yet, keeping a secret can be experienced from children as a major betrayal by their parents.

Where I am heading to…

With «Once upon a now», Bea, Raquel, Alvaro and I are trying to contribute to the normalization process of this complex experience, which often generates a sense of inadequacy among parents. Besides, assisted reproduction represents a taboo that is hard to break outside the inner family circle and, above all, hard to share with kids.

We wish to talk about this. And push away one of the fears that affect a great number of people that arrived at the end of this journey.

Where I would like to get

We wish for every child to have in their home a fairy tale telling the story of how they came into this world, to be read with their parents, going over the good moments of their journey together and making them proud of being born of love and desire.

We would like for «Once upon a now» to be adopted by psychotherapists working with kids and used as a valid tool to encourage dialogue on such a delicate topic.

This is all for now. Thank you for coming this far.

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