Many of you will perhaps have bought an illustrated book for your children or as a birthday present for nephews, grandchildren, or the children of friends. It’s the perfect present to entertain, capture the imagination and help children to grow in many ways. There are picture books for all ages, of all types and in all shapes and sizes.

Going by the statistics, adults seem to be reading less and less, but the demand for children’s books continues to rise. Thanks for this must go,  in part,  to specialist bookstores which are often delightful places to spend time, join activities for young children in a world  of colour and with the smell of paper in the air.

You won’t find any personalized books in these bookshops, though. Personalized books are a new entry to the publishing scene, they’re revolutionary and can only be bought online. The reason for this is simple: each book is created in real time to the specifications that reflect in every detail the person on the other side of a computer or mobile phone. In fact, what makes these books so unique is how completely children can identify with the protagonists of the story, often because they have the same names and look just like them, because of the option we offer to choose a character’s hair color, for example. Or in “Once upon a now”, our new book, the protagonists are part of the same type of family  (two moms, mom and dad, a mom, two dads), emerge from the same journey of assisted reproduction that brought them into the world (homologous/heterologous insemination or surrogacy).

Each copy is unique, on demand, and can be printed with a personal dedication addressed specifically to the boy or girl who will receive it at home. This is why a personalized book is more expensive than traditional books in a bookshop: it is made-to-measure and not mass produced, on top of which is the shipping fee to get it straight to your home, which accounts for a portion of the final price (even up to 10 euros).

Which brings us to another topic: shipping times. From when you place an order, it can take up to three weeks for the book to be delivered, but now that we’ve explained what making each book entails, we hope you’ll understand why we can’t go any faster. Don’t forget to add the time it takes each country’s postal service to do the delivery part.

These are very special books, they require a different kind of care from other books, and we have also tried to make them kinder to the environment. They are printed on recycled paper, only what’s needed, with no unnecessary waste.   Before it even exists, each book already has an owner waiting for it, unaware how unique the book will make them feel when they read their very own story between the pages!

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