Many families are getting to grips with how to fill their children’s time during these difficult weeks spent at home. Videogames and television are a start, but there are many other stimulating and creative activities you could do with your little ones. The most important thing, though, especially at an extraordinary time like this, is to stick to a routine and regular habits.

We’d like to suggest an activity that will both instill and feed your children’s love for books and reading: a reading workshop!

Afterwards, we have some activities you could do:

    • each person can talk about the feelings, memories or experiences the text evoked in them.
    • imagine a different ending to the story. This will make children feel part of the activity and encourage them to value different opinions and enrich their own perspective with the thoughts of others.
    •  as a complementary activity, the youngest member of the household could do a drawing, based on the experience of the book. For example, they could draw the main characters as they imagine them.

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