As a parent, the first way to stave off a bad mood is to find time to relax but helping your child to acquire a few rules can also bring such much needed relief.

Patience can wear thin for a multitude of reasons. There’s nothing more stressful than looking after a child (yours) who is still unable to control their emotions and actions after you’ve done a hard day at work but, rest assured, there is a way to pull back from the brink.

Every parent is different but stress can creep into any situation and there is no sure-fire fix to stop it.  You can, however, make sure the stressful times are less frequent and less intense. This is something you can be sure about. First: basic needs. When children are hungry, they’ll complain until they are fed. This is stressful. When tummies are full, they complain less. Second: chill time. Grownups need time to themselves…and if that’s not possible, even just time to count to ten. If you’re calm, your children will be too.

Let’s not forget that children emulate grownups, including their behaviour. If we get angry and shout, they tend to get angry and shout as well. Try to put yourself in their shoes, listen to them, help them to deal with their emotions. But… this also means letting them know when they’re wrong and saying no when necessary.

So, to avoid unpleasant situations that nobody likes, try to find time to read a book, watch a movie, or even just a walk on your own. And at least once a week at least, some child-free time to meet friends or do some sport will be an absolute lifesaver! 

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