There is an illustrated, colorful and adventurous children’s fairytale. It tells the story of all the parents that chose assisted reproduction to create their family. It is the story of all of them! That is because this fairytale is entirely customizable, specifically conceived to tell the unique and incredible story of each single family.

Are you enjoying this story? It could become reality soon: a true graphic novel, different for each family.

«Once upon a now | The epic tale of assisted reproduction» is still not here, we are putting it together by collecting hundreds of stories and experiences, of big and small misadventures that marked the pathway of many different families.

Each family is family in its own way

There are many ways to become parents – choosing to donate ova and semen, in vitro fertilization or surrogate motherhood –and different kinds of families– single parent, hetero and homoparental families. However, it seems that the journey they embark on is common to all of them. We are all equipped with one feeling: a love so big that each challenge (with ourselves, others, biology) can be faced.

If you too would like to tell your child the story of how they came into the world, with a little magic and enthusiasm for adventure, keep following Matamua’s updates. We will show you soon how to create your customized fairytale.

And now something about us

Matamua | Different Stories is an Italian-Spanish publishing house funded in April 2019. We dream of living in a more welcoming and inclusive society, and we work – in our own small way – to make this idea of future a reality.

«Once upon a now» is our first project, a true adventure. We hope you will enjoy it.


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