June is Pride month, although everyday day is about pride for gay mums and dads. Since little Noah came into his mom and mommy’s lives four months ago, every single day has been beautifully rainbow-colored. The Rainbow Flag is a well-known and widely-recognized symbol for the LGBT rights movement and although improvements have been made in recent times, there’s still a long way to go to counter the prejudice that still exists towards same sex parents and families formed through assisted reproduction. We try to tackle both in “Once Upon a Now”, our first illustrated book.

“Noah brought light into our life,” his two mums wrote on @superfamiily, the Instagram account they set up to show scenes from the everyday life of a same-sex family, “just like many hundreds of boys and girls have done for families around the world”. We chatted a little with Noah’s family, who lives in Lanzarote (Canary Islands). Here’s what they said:

How was your assisted reproduction experience?

It was a mixture of nerves and excitement. Mum Ixsys was very scared because she wanted it to go well the first time but she had polycystic ovaries and a low ovarian reserve. For this reason, the thrill we felt at getting a positive result at the first insemination was something very, very magical.

How and when did you tell your children how they were born?

At the moment we only have Noah, a very beautiful and very loved baby. When he grows up, we’ll tell him how he was brought into this world and how much he was loved even before he began life in the womb.

You have an Instagram profile in which you post pictures about your family’s daily life. Do you ever get parents writing to you for advice? What are the most frequent questions?

Mostly mothers write to us, asking for help, advice or encouragement as they embark on the assisted reproduction process or because they need to speak with someone who already has the family they want.

What is family for you and what is parenting?

Being mothers together is a challenge full of love and blessings. It is a magical adventure where Noah is the icing on the cake. Family is everything for us, like an oasis of peace and comfort you can retreat to when things go wrong outside. Family is synonymous with love.

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